we are not strict but

Read carefully!

General terms and conditions of service:

  • The terms “we”, “us” or  “our”  shall refer to Devshost. The terms “you”, “your”, “user”, “customer” or “client” shall refer to any individual or entity who accepts this Agreement, has access to your account, or uses the Services.
  • All of our customers, when signup into our system or purchase a service from us, they are accepted all of our agreements.
  • Devshost has the legal right to change this agreement, whenever he needs it. and users by accepting this agreement, are actually accepted the feature changes too, but in Devshost, promise before doing any changes, try to reach users, and keep them updated with the new rules.

Unlimited bandwidth and space rules:

if users use our unlimited bandwidth for scripts that leak content, data, files (etc) or use our unlimited bandwidth for creating a download center or upload center, Devshost has the right to limit bandwidth to the 10% of customer usage or charge user to pay 20% of the service price, for the costs of bandwidth usage.

Sending spams:

We give email server in all of our shared hosting plans, but using our services(Shared Hosting, Hosting, or VPS Servers) to send lot’s of email in the way that fills the service CPU or RAM is restricted and Devshost has the right to charge the user to pay 20% of the service price, for the costs of bandwidth usage.

Force majeure cases:

We try to make our services as cheap as possible with the highest quality that you won’t even find in most of the well-named hosting, so to make sure this process remains, we don’t accept any force majeure situation and all of the things which happens are depends to the customer.

Vulnerable scripts or apps:

Any program that poses a potential security risk or appears to adversely affect server performance or network health will be shut down or removed automatically without notice. Devshost does not authorize executable programs that may be used for malicious purposes.

Illegal Usage:

We found our company in Iran, and Singapore so if you pay for your services with bitcoin, we have the right to protect your information but we have no right to keep your servers if the main datacenters want to access.

Also, this means you must not do any illegal activity that is not acceptable in Iran or Singapore.

Backup of your information:

They make the costs of servers down and provide the cheap price with the highest quality, we don’t take any backups from your data and all of the responsibilities for backups is on yours.


Usage cases:

  • Maximum CPU in shared hosting 10% in 1 minute time.
  • Minimum RAM in shared hosting is one-tenth of the amount of space or 100 MB for low volume
  • Maximum allowed data transfer based on the specifications in the service details
  • Maximum disk space based on the specifications in the service details
  • Maximum instant bandwidth in shared hosting is 2 Mbps